Is it possible to play only the channels that selected in the range?

Is it possible to play only the channels that selected in the range?

For example, It can select a range of only a part of the L channel in a stereo file.
In this case, if I play the file with the spacebar, both LR will be played.
However, I want it to play only the L channel.

I know that I can hold down the Alt key and click to play only the selected channel, but I don’t know how to play only the selected part (channel).

Also, I would like to know if there is a way to play only the channels with the red bar, even if I don’t select a range.

Yes, using the play tool (or press Alt + Click)

I’m sorry about the way I wrote that.

I know it can use Alr + Click to listen only to the selected channel.

However, it is inconvenient to listen only while holding down the click.

For example, in Sound Forge, only the channels included in the range selection can be played with the spacebar.

With Alr Click, I can’t listen to the exact range, and I get tired of having to keep clicking.

Really! Select area and Alt+Click and what’s the differens between
mouse click or key command ?

regards S-EH

Then use the Master Section channel options:

S-EHansson San

If you select an area and play it back with the spacebar, you can check it repeatedly by enabling looping in the transport options.
However, this is not possible when playing with Alt Click.
Also, when using Alt Click, the playback will start from the location where you clicked, regardless of where you selected the area.

This is inconvenient when you want to embed loop markers and check if each channel is looping nicely.

PG1 San

Thanks for the various solutions.

I already know that I can use the Master Section channel options to see any channel, but I have to move the mouse and click twice to use this option.
This is a big time loss when working with hundreds of files.

For example, it would be very useful to have an option near Toggle Channel Selection Mode to “play only the channels included in the area selection”.

Although it is a little different from this topic, it would be useful to place buttons such as L and R on the left side of the waveform, as shown in the image, so that it can Solo with a single click.

Why do you need to play a single channel that often?

This is to check each channel in detail to make sure there are no problems with the audio that was recorded in stereo.

Also, to check for loop noise on each channel when checking for loops.
To check the audio with embedded loop markers in Wavelab for any problems.

There is yet another trick: use different speaker configurations.
Speaker Configuration #2 to play only the left channel
Speaker Configuration #3 to play only the right channel

PG1 San

Thanks for pointing me to another TRICK.
That way I can easily listen to the left and right channels.
However, the speaker configuration is checked with multiple speakers, so it cannot be increased for those settings.

If you want to listen to only a specific channel of a 5.1 surround file, you have to insert a plug-in such as Mix Convert and click on the channel you want to listen to.

I’ve been using WaveLab for quite some time now, and I hope that “only play channels included in the selection” will be added as an option.
If both LR channels are selected and I press the spacebar, I can hear LR, and if I select only the L or R channel, or the Ls channel of the surround sound, only those channels will play, and I can finally quit Sound Forge.

Not sure what you mean here. eg. this is possible:

There is another way: use this button when the 5.1 file is active:

Surely such a setup is possible.
However, if Genelec speakers in stereo for speaker configuration 1, JBL in stereo for 2, and 5.1 surround for 3, you can’t create a configuration where only L or R exists because there are only 4.

The 5.1 channel master section setting is indeed valid, but it is a bit of a hassle because you have to click twice to access this option.
It is also difficult to easily set up just the Ls or Rs channels in the master section.

First of all, it looks like I can’t easily do what I want with the current features, so I’ll look forward to the next version.

This option will be added in WaveLab 11.0.20 (preference, OFF by default).
So that you can finally quit Sound Forge :wink:


Philippe San

That’s the biggest good news of the year!
This will allow me to work completely with WaveLab alone.
I’m sure my colleagues around me will be very happy!
Thank you so much!

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Sounds like a nice addition to WL.
For me, the default may also be ON - it’s easy enough to notice what’s going on, while with the default OFF many will never know about this feature.

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I’m going to leave it on all the time too.
For those who don’t need this feature, it may be confusing to have it on by default.
It’s an uneasy point in software development.
I’ll advertise to my workmates that an amazing feature has been implemented.

And of course, it will work too for multi channels files. eg. for a 5.1 file, you will be able to listen to both Ls/Rs channels, or Ls or Rs or, of course, all 6 channels.


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I’m glad to know that can listen to each channel even in multi-channel mode.
This is exactly what I was looking for.

It’s not a feature I use often but I will say that this is already possible in iZotope RX and is very useful when needed.

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