Is it possible to predict: "Those Update Problems" (7.5.30)?

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From reading some of the other posts by Steinberg mods/employees, I get the impression that if certain parts of the initial Cubase installation have been customized, or moved at a later date, that the upgrade to 7.5.30 could be problematic. Some people are even saying they had to download the entire .iso file all over again, some people wiping their hard drive and reinstalling their OS ( :open_mouth: ), etc.

I had Cubase 7.5.20 loaded on my prebuilt DAW by a vendor, and so I’m not sure exactly how it was loaded up. What do I need to look for to figure out whether the 7.5.30 update will go smoothly, vs. whether I’ll have to do all those other things?

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Good question,

I haven’t installed the .30 update either yet. My Cubase references VST directories on hard drives other than the OS drive, although these vst2 directories only reference third party plugs, so this update ‘should’ go without a hitch right?

The simplest thing to do is to just try it. There’s no functional reason to move Cubase components from their default install location, if someone does this, it’s a matter of personal preference. So, in your case I would bet everything is where it should be.

The only reason one would need to re-download the iso would be if the first download was corrupt, which is a separate problem.

Somewhere in one of those threads you speak of,
a Steinberg employee mentioned that he prefers to do clean installs
for every new version of Cubendo.
I think I will be adopting this practice, uninstall everything Steinberg first from now on.

My update went smooth, except I got about 25-35 missing file dialogues
when I tried to open Groove Agent Se for the 1st time. Still have no idea
what that was about but I haven’t come across any problems yet.
Seems like it was looking for Groove Agent 4 files and I only have Groove Agent Se.
My install is not customized, as far as location of content goes.

Thanks for your reply, SteveInChicago.

Sounds like it’s just a matter of just checking to see whether Cubase components were moved from their default location. Are the default locations for each component listed somewhere? … if not, how does one actually do that?

@OP: If there are no issues with the OS, there is no need to wipe the HD for an update. If issues arise with the patcher, it is usually enough to repair the existing installation or uninstall the Steinberg apps and use the ISO to re-install. This is only needed in case problems with the update occur.

@Rotund: I guess that is me. I’d to like to make clear that I prefer clean, full installs (ISO or media) of the new major versions - meaning I prefer to not use an update to go from x.5 to the next x.0, but I might patch an x.0 version to x.5. In fact. I also leave the previous version installed, so I’m not uninstalling everything Steinberg each time. But I also do OS re-installs every now and then…

Aloha guys,
Just to chime in. Two approaches on this.

1-Partitioning your HD would help (install/tryout all new up-dates/grades on a partition)
1-This could also be a good use case for apps like 'Carbon ‘Copy Cloner’ or ‘SuperDuper’.

You just ‘clone’ your HD (to another HD) and then ‘go crazy’ knowing that if any
probs occur, just put your clone back on the HD and the 'puter is just like you left it.

Good Luck!

Thank you, Fabio Bartolini for your reply.

To clarify … I am trying my best to predict if I will have problems with the patcher, not asking what to do if that does happen. Though it may be hard for experts to imagine, the very idea of “repairing the existing installation, or uninstalling Steinberg apps and using the ISO to reinstall …” fills me with trepidation. Though I am more computer literate than many of my friends (thank you, Cubase!), I know the odds are high it will take many many hours in my hands if it comes down to having to do those things :frowning: .

Maybe there is not an answer since no one has given one, but I’ll try maybe once more - if problems with the patcher can best be predicted by Cubase components having been moved from their default location … how can I cross-check my components’ current locations with the default ones?

Thanks again -

Hello Alexis, well, there is a reply to your question, but it is much more complex than running the update and use the repair function in Windows if something goes wrong.

You should cross-check the registry entries for the installed products and verify that they reside in the correct place.

If you didn’t move anything and your DAW was shipped pre-build with 7.5.20, I’d say it is safe to assume you won’t have any issues with the patch.

[EDIT: by the way, you should not be afraid of the patch - errors are not so common, and it case it happens, the procedure aborts and the current install is left untouched]

Thank you, Fabio Bartolini for your reply.

OK, that I understand - at least the part about having to examine the registry if I really wanted to check to see what has been moved.

I don’t even know how to spell the word “registry”, much less manipulate it (or want to do so), so I shall put that whole idea to bed.

Thanks so much for clarifying that!

Thanks for the clarification Fabio…

Just to add to this: I recently did a clean install (including OS) and 7.5 and the upgrade was painless. I used to move stuff but now I leave everything as is except for sample/instrument libraries.

Here is my perspective: I have a 100 gig SSD C drive. I believe and if Steve or anyone could confirm, there is 2.477GB of what appears to be sample data for the following tools?
Groove Agent SE
Groove Agent One
EDM Tool Box (whatever that is)
HSSE stuff

Why all this stuff is mixed together and not in separate folders is beyond me. I hope there is a reason.

For Windows 7 the default path is C/user/my name/app data/ roaming/steinberg/content/VST sound.

For someone with an SSD drive the storage is relatively expensive and I would prefer to have this stuff in my E drive along with samples from just about everyone else…except Toontrack EZ Drummer who used to be the biggest offender by forcing you to install in the default drive, that is until they released EZ Drummer2 allowing you to choose your drive.

I’m pretty certain what caused my .iso problem with this update was moving some of these files to my E drive.

As Fabio has said, completely uninstalling everything then reinstalling everything at the next upgrade, would be a good way to go. He has assured me if everything is uninstalled I will get those drive options! :slight_smile:

I would guess the reason is to have all of the VSTSound files in one place.
You usually don’t need to access and modify the files, so having them all in the same place should seems a good choice, in my opinion. You also reduce the amount of registry entries for the content.

By the way, it is possible to move the files to another location… would not wholeheartedly recommend it, but it can be done and is relatively safe:
If you have you sounds here C:\Users*your_name*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VSTSound, you can cut / paste the files to F:\Steinberg\VSTSounds (just an example, it is where I have mine) - they will stay highlighted in the new location, right-click one of the items and “create link”. Again, they will stay highlighted, cut and paste them to your C:\Users*your_name*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VSTSound. Now you have links to the new location in your original install path.

You will have the choice to install, just be sure to not miss it :wink:

By the way, EZ Drummer allowed to choose the location also, I have all EZD and SD Libraries in F:\Toontrack*plug_sub_folder* since I own them - they would hardly fit on my SSD C: (mine is also 120GB and have many IR files, Steinberg VSTSounds and some NI libs, would be awkward).

Have a good week-end!

Thats interesting because I sent this issue to Toontrack years ago asking if EZ samples could be placed in another drive either at initial installation or once installed and then move the content. The reply from Toontrack support was that this was not possible. All EZ drummer needs to be in the same drive. With Superior Drummer you are given an option.

Fabio, so you were able to separate the EZ Drummer samples from the EZ Drummer program and keep the samples in a separate drive from the program files? Or do you mean Toontrack just gave you the option of installing the entire program on the drive of your choice?

Anyway it’s water under the bridge now that EZ Drummer2 is out.

We’re a little OT, oh well… :slight_smile:
Could be that they introduced the choice later, I frankly cannot remember which was the first EZ version I installed; SD was even later as I got the crossgrade from EZ. For sure it is possible now, I re-installed the OS and everything in January, subsequent updates found the files in the correct locations as well.

To reply to your question: the installer offered to choose the install location for the program (in my case C:\Audio Programs\Toontrack*plug_in*) and the Library (F:\Toontrack*plug-in*).