Is it possible to Preview an Entire CD or Audio Montage?

In Wavelab 9, is it possible to preview the beginning and end of each song/clip on a CD project or an Audio Montage with one single command?

Yes, this is from the Help menu:

Checking the Transition Between Tracks
You can set up a pre-roll time before tracks start and then play back all tracks. This way you can check the transition between tracks.
Set up your audio montage.
In the CD window, select Options > Edit Playback Times.
Make your settings, and click OK.
In the CD window, select Functions > Play All CD-Track Starts.
Each track start point and end point is played back according to the values set in the Edit Playback Times dialog.

Thanks very much, Bob - I am still pretty new to Wavelab and I couldn’t seem to find the right term(s) to successfully search for the answer in the manual. I had found the command to hear the beginning of each track but not a way to hear all of the transitions. Thank you again!

Update - using this method I was still only hearing the beginning of each track but not the transition. I set the pre-roll to 10 seconds and the test time to 10 seconds and unchecked “add one second of silence before playback”.
What I figured out was that also under the options, you must also enable “Pre-Roll Mode”.