Is it possible to record Halion Sonic Se3 midi output?

Is it possible to record Halion Sonic SE3 midi output so that I can manipulate midi data afterward ?


No, it’s not possible to record HALion Sonic SE3 midi output, but… What exactly do you want to manipulate? I would expect, you could Write it as automation.

Thanks for your reply Martin.
For example if you hold a note with the Grooving Finger Bass preset, an arpeggio is triggered and I would like to capture its performance as MIDI notes or capture the MIDI notes produce by Trip presets that use arpeggios, or capture the midi chords generated by the pads.

Thanks for your inputs!


For those interested, Greg Undo answered my question in the june 15h Cubase Hangout live stream here Mix Down Multiple Files to one File Using Render in Place | Club Cubase June 15 2021 - YouTube at 3:10:17