Is it possible to record virtual midi form another app?

I have been using Genome to record midi from Soundprism Poo, Animoog, and Geosynth, and using that midi data to drive virtual synths such as Sunrizer.

Ideally I would like to do something similar with Cubasis, because I prefer its interface to that of Genome, but it doesn’t appear to be possible to record the midi from outside of Cubasis, and I don’t want to be limited to the built-in keyboard. Other controllers have many features not available to Cubasis, so using SoundPrism or Geo Synth I can get a very different kind of sound.

Sorry - with some help from another forum I have got it working :slight_smile:

Re: the above post from richardyot…Could you tell me how u managed to do this please? I am having the exact same problem. Trying to record a midi line from the actual sunrizer app not the keyboard in Cubasis but when the recording is done and go back to CB there is no midi data there. Unfortunately I can’t PM u as I haven’t posted enough comments and don’t have privileges yet. Thanks. John.

Yep, I too would like to know how to do this…easy enough to use the cb keyboard to play sounds from an external app, but how do you use an external app to record midi data onto cb… Being playing around with thumbjam, and I have played around with all sorts of midi combinations (trial and error hahah) and as Kruger says, the midi doesn’t record.

works as expected over here :

  1. create a midi track in Cubasis
  2. launch the app you want to record
  3. back in Cubasis select this app as midi input ( routing tab )
    edit 3a) check back the midi routing and midi channel in the app you want to record from
  4. arm this track
  5. hit record

this assumes that the app you want to record does really support virtual midi and midi sync doesn’t hurt either

Thanks for that dermichl.
Being a typical bloke I don’t read instructions, I don’t follow tutorials, I just press lots of buttons and get in a right cuffuffle :slight_smile:
I thought I wanted to record a midi track on cb while playing it on thumbjam, when in truth all I needed to do was open up a new AUDIO track in cb select audiobus then thumbjam in the INPUT, go to thumbjam, and record from there…oh oh so simple yep.

It’s all a learning process, and after watching quite a few YouTube tutorials, I’ve realised I should have done that right from the word go :slight_smile: