Is it possible to recover an unsaved project's audio files?

I know this has been asked before so I apologize for bringing this up. But I mistakenly closed a project without ever saving it. I only recorded 4 tracks or so. Would there be any chance that the recorded tracks are stored somewhere, even temporarily? I use cubase artist 11.

I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s possible. As a first step in any digital creation tool like a DAW, a video editing tool, or an image editing program set up your project folder and file name and start saving right away. Once you have the project set up it will start auto saving at intervals that you can recall but using the save option constantly while you are working is your best option. It’s also wise to back up your project to another location off your main drive at intervals too as one location for a project is a single point of failure. Remember LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe).

When you start a new project in Cubase you have to define a project folder. When you record audio, the audio is stored as .wav files under /[ProjectFolder]/Audio. If you close a project without having ever saved it first, Cubase will prompt you saying that new files have been created and asks you if you if you wish to keep these files or delete them. So if the files are still available depends on what you answered this question.


I think that’s the correct answer.

Check that folder.

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Hey. Thanks for responding. I didn’t think it was possible. I started a project, not thinking it would be worth saving, then I liked what I was recording. But I left it open in the background for a day then I thought I definitely saved it. But I didn’t. I’m just re-recording it from memory and saving it.


Why do you find that to be so exceptional? There are times I don’t turn my computers off for weeks.

Leaving your computer on is one thing. (As an aside, does your computer sleep when you do? Mine sleeps after an hour of inactivity.) But leaving an unsaved Cubase project open in the background? Again, I say !!!
But then, I’m of an age when my mind is non-stop boggling, so there’s that…

Nope, I have promptly disabled such nonsense settings. :wink:

No, I have a habit of manually saving often. But if I should forget (blaming old age), I have Cubase set to auto save every 10 minutes. (Auto save has been reliable on my rigs as far as I can tell but I have read others finding it the opposite.)

I have my mouse software setup so that one of it’s 5 extra buttons triggers ctrl+S - I click it about every 2 minutes - maybe I should go see a doctor!