Is it possible to Remap instrument/clef to a new midi register?

Hello All,

I have currently ran into an issue in my workflow in Dorico 5 Elements. I am using Native Instruments Session Guitarist Prime Bass (or trying to). Sadly NI does not have the Mapping Editor in the Session Guitarist Series it seems. As such I am unable to remap the midi in those plugins. This has made it so that Dorico plays the midi note in a much lower register which is not assigned to any actual samples in the Prime Bass instrument.
I was wondering if there is a way in Dorico 5 Elements to assign a different starting register to either the instrument or the Clef itself for the purpose of triggering the proper midi note? Also if there is a way to do this is it a feature of Dorico Pro? Thank you for all of your help, I have dug through the manual and have not found an answer to this.

In the Expression Map you are using for that instrument, you can specify a transposition. Below is a map for a Bass VST I use that plays back off by an octave using the Default map. By adding 12 semitones to the transposition, Dorico then accurately plays it back in the correct register.

Thank you very much @FredGUnn. That is exactly what I needed.

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