Is it possible to remotely MIDI the last control I clicked on?

I read the following in another forum

We already have something very similar integrated in our own MIDI learn system for many years.Go to the MIDI learn page, assign a controller to a parameter. Now switch to the MIDI table page, and in the parameter tab, scroll down to the end of the list and select “Last clicked control”. Now that MIDI CC controls whatever plugin parameter you click on with the mouse.

But I couldn’t find such a setup window
I know the midi remote window, Aiknob is also working, but the AI knob doesn’t work on all vst, so
I’m looking for that feature, can someone explain it to me in pictures or in writing again?

Hi and welcome @Yamm

Does this short clip about midi learn help you or do I misunderstand your question?

Thank you for your welcome :face_holding_back_tears:
But it seems different from what I ask…

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Oops, sorry! I think this is what you wanted to know about the AI knob:

By the way, I found this via
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Thank you for letting me know about the live stream!

I succeeded in mapping AI knob.
However, AI Knob does not work on certain VSTs… (nexus, sylenth1, but the Fab filter did)

Is there a way to make sure it works on all vst?

I’m looking for a very intuitive way like AI knob.
(I already know about QC learn, and I’m looking for something more convenient.:sob:)

I don’t know, sorry.

If I were in your shoes I’d go to create a nice translation of your question to English that includes all the things you already know and some of the plugins that work and some that fail.
Then I’d ask that question here (August 15 2023 Club Cubase Live Stream - YouTube) before the start of the livestream. This gives you a realistic chance to be the first to get your question answered by Greg :wink:

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Thank you for your kindness!
Cubase is difficult but interesting to learn!:blush:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Yes it’s such a huge feature-packed beast, haha!
But the community is amazing and the 4 hour livestreams (twice a week!) with Greg Ondo are pure gold!

What are they talking about in that thread? It’s not Cubase, I don’t think.
The closest thing in Cubase, as already mentioned, would be the AI knob. If the AI knob does not work in certain plugins, I’m afraid that would be an issue for the plugin manufacturer.

Although not MIDI, Cubase lets you use the scroll wheel on your mouse to quickly change parameters your mouse cursor is hovering over. It would be technically possible to translate MIDI CC data from an endless encoder to mouse scroll wheel messages. I don’t have any further information on how to accomplish this in practice, but if you’re on Windows, I would start by exploring Bome’s MIDI Translator Pro and AutoHotKey after that if the former can’t do it on its own.

I didn’t understand this. Can you explain to me if you know what this means?

@mlib check the last video I linked.
It’s about the mouse pointer (ai knob) feature in the midi remote.
I can’t find it in the documentation.

Here’s a link to the thread:

The way I read it is U-He, creator of the Zebra VSTi that is being discussed, is saying that their plugins have their own way of doing it, but it only works in U-He plugins. For some reason, they chose to not implement support for AI knob in their plugins.

Thanks, but I’m good. I’m already familiar with the AI knob and how to utilize it in MIDI Remote.