Is it possible to remove groove agent ONE?

How do I remove groove agent one? I use the search function ALOT in cubase, where I can just search for my synth or plugin or effect and press enter. Since I now have 2 versions of Groove Agent (groove agent ONE and groove agent SE 4), it automatically loads up Groove Agent One.

How do I get rid of the normal Groove Agent One? it’s useless to me now that the new AWSOME Groove Agent SE 4 is in there.

Help is highly appreciated! thanks.

Just can disable the synth by going into the - Device, plugin information… and then in the VST plugin column find “groove agent one”, and remove the check mark on it, and the “update” the list afterward. This will remove it from the VST instrument list.


Best way I found so far is to open up the Plug-in Information window and uncheck Groove Agent One and then click update. It removes it from the drop down window. As far as deleting it completely without removing any of the included sounds I haven’t figured out yet. Although I think the plugin itself doesn’t take up too much space.

Lol, the above poster beat me to it :wink:

Thanks guys! Great way of doing it :slight_smile: cheers!