Is it possible to rename plugin FX that you save?

For example when using Reaktor 6 KF from native instruments, this plugin contains many different sub plugins and differing fx, so when you save them as favourites there will just end up being a list of plugins all named Reaktor 6 FX. So you don’t know which is which?


I’m sorry, this is not possible.


I don’t think this is something that is really possible although, with Vienna Instruments Pro, I copied the VSTi ddl and renamed it so I could have various VEP instruments (i.e. Rhodes.dll, Wurly.dll, Piano.dll etc.)with there own quick controls. Not advised but it does work (only with VST2). I suppose you could do the same with Reaktor.
One big problem is however, whenever you update, you have to re copy and rename everything.

Clever workaround but I like to keep things simple and clean and that would add too much possible headache with updates etc. It’s ok I’ll use the excellent media bay to navigate this, which I hadn’t really dug deep into it before. I now realise how powerful it is. Cubase pro 10 is just such a pleasure to use.