Is it possible to render in place while cycling and generate multiple takes?

The use case would be (Cubase Pro 13):

– place cycle markers delimiting an audio event, turn cycle on
– use some sort of non-linear effect / non-constant effect that alters the audio in a random fashion (ie. no two passes of the audio through this effect will sound the same)
– record multiple takes as the audio is looping (as if a live performance were being executed)

Is this possible? Happy to explain further if necessary,

No, you have to render-in-place over and over again.
Or, alternatively, re-record the audio to a new audio track and record it in real-time.

I do this a bunch, it works fine and can be great fun - because you are basically capturing a real-time performance. So you can twist knobs or apply random settings and play with the sound as the Audio gets Recorded. Then you’ll have all the different Takes stacked on Lanes which you can Comp like you would a vocal. Works equally well for different types of sources like Audio or Instrument Tracks.

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@raino so how would the setup be for this procedure? For example, would I be able to do what you said while an audio event gets cycled repeatedly? Sorry I’m a bit confused, because what you describe sounds similar to what I was asking about, suggesting that what I’d like to do is possible.

To clarify, I have an audio clip already recorded, and want to cycle through it while making effect modifications, obtaining multiple takes in several lanes.

Yeah. Just create an Audio Track and assign its Input as the Audio source you want to capture. For VSTi’s you can directly select them as the Audio Input. Audio is a bit more tricky as Cubase will try to keep you from creating feedback loops. So the available sources may vary based on your current routing. The best approach is to route to Group Channel and use that as the Audio Source for the new Audio Track. I have a Group Channel in my Template named Render Buss. It’s output isn’t connected to anything.


Thanks @raino that’s what I was looking for! Cheers!