Is it possible to replace an audio file inside the pool?


Is it possible to replace an audio file inside the pool?
Let me explain,

I have created a project with a snare wave sample inside an audio track.

Let’s say I want to replace the snare.wav in the pool with another snare sound, without altering the way I placed the wave files inside the track. Is this possible?

(like when you change the VSTi preset without changing the recorded midi notes).

Thank you!

Why dont you work with the midi file you got and change the snare sound until youre happy??? (Maybe I dont get your point but it likes complicated) First dio you have a midi file of the snare? If yes then choose the snare you want with the same midi file Very simple. Concerning media bay I dont use it often ask Grim he knows it all :wink: LOL :laughing:

There is no midi file. It’s audio only.
I have changed my post and added some screenshots :sunglasses:
And I meant the “pool” instead of mediabay

Hey Erik.

Import the new audio to the pool, select and drag it out of the pool window, then hold shift and drop it on the event. It will open a dialogue asking if the replacement is for all copies or this one only.

Important to note that you can’t hold shift until after you drag outside the pool window or it will just multi select files in the pool.


Thanks I’m gonna try this asap!
Is this the same for Mac?

I should think it’s basically same.

Looking at your picture you gotta admit this programmation is very basic (snare hits directly quantised on the beat 1-2-3- or 4… lol I mean its not a Steve Gadd solo here… so I repeat you could consider, as it is so basic simple programmation… to program midi note (shouldnt be very long) and replace or add any snare you want. I dont know why you should spend so much time on the technical side…

The screenshots are pure an example :wink: