Is it possible to resize the instrument label number in the condense score?


The intrument number in the condensed score are a bit too small for me. Is it possible to make them bigger ?

Thank you,


Hi Louis, which numbers are you talking about? The ones to the left of the initial barline (staff labels) or the ones shown above/below staves where instruments enter (player labels)?

Both of them use paragraph styles which you can edit in Library > Paragraph Styles. Which style depends on which bit you want to change!

Thank you so much, Lillie !

It wasn’t clear to me, although I suspected that the Library was the path to follow. :slight_smile:

Always good to ask if you’re not sure!

I wanted to make sure searching the Dorico manual for something like “condensed instrument number”, like how you described it, brings up relevant results and it does, which is good news. So if you’re ever stuck and haven’t yet had a response on the forum, it’s always worth searching the manual for whatever phrasing comes to mind.

Maybe it is because I am a French-speaking person, but I did not make the connection between the « number » label and the « player » label being for me two different entities. Thank you so much again, Lillie.