Is it possible to rewire Cubase 7.5 and Abelton Live 9????

Hi everyone
I’ve posted this in the Abelton forum also.

Has anybody successfully Re-wired Ableton Live 9 (64 bit) with Cubase 7.5 (64 bit)?

Both are up to date versions.

I follow the Ableton website advice - ie running Cubase as Administor / load my project and then activate an Ableton rewire channel. so far so good!

When I launch Ableton (also as Admin) both systems hang.
It did load Ableton once - but then hung immediately)

I never had a problem with Abelton Live 8


Works fine for me.

Open cubase, add live… open live… no problems.

I had some problems a few months ago with Live 8 64bit.i finally fixed the problem after uninstalling completely Live 8 and anything rewired in Cubase (Waves Tune). I also deleted the Propellerhead 's folder that existed in Common Files. I then did a new fresh install of Live 8.4.2 64bit so a new Propellerhead 's folder was created.It now works as expected .
I hope this helps you somehow

I never had a problem with Reason 7 or Live 8…
I’ve been rewire soft ware for a several years now.
When I run Live 9 and after I run Cubase 7.5 and Open a rewire channel…
Abelton will beben to load but It freezes with the command "Opening Live Set… "

Then That’s it… Abelton Crashes…

This is really bothering me… I’m gonna go into the common files and erase all the rewire files there…
Thanks for the tip.