Is it possible to save entire Folders as a preset?


I have some folders set up with multi-timbral multi-output VSTs (e.g., Kontakt 5 16 Out). These are set up with the VST, outputs and midi channels all set up properly, named, etc. Is there a way I can save the entire set up (ALL tracks and their assignments in the folder) as a single preset? I know I can save the VST and it’s outputs as a preset, but I have to set up the midi tracks and their assignments every time. I’d love to have a series of preconfigured folders I could just drop into a new template as needed. (You can do something like this in LOGIC X with Folder Stacks. Really convenient alternative to trying to have everything in a template.)

Hope that makes sense.



That’s a great idea! Building smaller template components using folders then just importing the bits you need into a new project. It’s really brilliant especially if it can include nested folders! That way, one can have a folders for “cello”, “violins”, etc. then all that wrapped in a master folder called “strings” and that along with “woodwinds” etc. in another called “orchestral” etc. You could pull in just what you need, for example, cellos here, some vest’s and effects there, etc.


You’ve been able to do this in Sonar since version 6 or so. I moved to Cubase last year and like it a lot but, as always, there are some things that you’re left thinking - surely every DAW does that - I guess people don’t miss what they never had.

As an example; setup a folder for a string section, tracks for first and second violins, violas, celli and basses. Colour code, eq settings, sends and inserts (even things like clef for the score) and save as a Track Template.
When you load a track template it recreates the folder with all settings (volume, pan, colour code etc). It will also recreate fx channels and busses unless they’re already in place in a project, in which case it will use those.

It’s very flexible and means you don’t have to have uber templates.With each project you just cherry pick - I’ll have a string section, solo flute and solo cello. It’s something I really miss.

I think the Track presets setup in Cubase is pretty useless as it’s different for each track type, doesn’t save key info (e.g. colour coding and routing) and doesn’t allow for saving multiple tracks.

Hey Guys,

Good news, what you ask is already possible, with some limitations regarding routing and sends !

I basically created an instrument track with 5 strings section loaded ( cellos, bass, violas, violins 1, violins 2 ) with a discrete audio output for each, and different insert FX on each section.
You cannot save a folder as a track preset, but just go inside your folder , and if you select all the tracks of your instrument track and right-click to save preset, it saves the whole instrument track with the selected tracks, saves the output scheme , as well as the insert FX.

I tried to make a group channel ( lets say a reverb for the strings) , and send each output to the reverb via send, it unfortunately doesnt save send and group channel informations, as well as routing ( if you want to route all the audio outputs to a group channel ) , maybe for a future version of cubase ? :slight_smile:
But you can “overcome” this by saving the instrument track preset and do another save for the FX channel. Then you’ll just need to remake the send manually for each output.

Or you can do like me, use reverb as insert FX , I know its a shame for some, but I like it … but this way reverb settings will be saved in the instrument track preset

I gotta thank you. This actually does what I’m after! (My needs are simple. :slight_smile: )

    • I created an instance of Kontakt with 5 instruments (Vln1, Vln2, Vla, Vlc, CB).
  • Made sure the outputs were activated.
  • Assigned the instruments to the outputs.
  • Named and assigned midi tracks to the instruments.
  • And this is what I didn’t do before: I highlighted all of these tracks in the arrangement view (Kontakt PLUS the midi tracks) and created a track preset.

I could then add the whole kit and caboodle as an instrument using the menu: Project>Add Track>Using Track Preset. (It took me a bit to find it … it showed up quicker once the “Track Preset Multi” selector was chosen under the “media Type” column.) I’ve attached a picture. Everything from track 15 to 27 was loaded in one fell swoop! Sorry if this is old news to folks, but it’s news to me and I thinks its cool!

BTW you are right: The routings to sub mixes don’t hold, and I have to put them into their own folder, but that’s fine. This gets me 90% of the way there!

I’m a happy camper.

It’s 3 years later and you guys just dramatically improved my day. YOU ARE TIME TRAVELING WIZARDS.

But I’d still love it if Steiny would let us save entire folders as presets. Also, it doesn’t remember the timebase setting for each track which is a bit annoying as there’s no way to change them all at once. Final whinge: would be great if it remembered the color settings. I color code my instruments for faster project navigation (sessions often run a few hundred tracks so this gets important)

Still, much better than recreating all tracks from scratch. Thanks again for the tip!