Is it possible to save montages that remember

whether the master section is bypassed? It would be great to have multiple Montage tabs open and available and when you toggle through them the master section remembers its status for that montage.

Place your final processing in the track processing slot and leave the master section empty. Then you can move between tracks or montages and the processing will follow the active window.

Thanks pal. :slight_smile:)

Yes, similar to what Greg said…avoid using the master section for any plugins if you can. I always use the montage output effects for any global plugins for the entire montage, and then use clip and montage track plugin inserts as needed.

The only time I use the global master section is in the audio file editor for destructive processing like iZotope RX5 modules.

Unfortunately there are a few plugins only available in the global master section so if you rely on WaveLab for sample rate conversion for example, you’re forced to use the global master section for the Resampler followed by a limiter and dither presumably.

This is part of why I do all my sample rate conversions outside of WaveLab and never have to worry about saving/recaling/bypassing and managing the global master section per montage. I prefer to keep all the plugins and settings saved within the montage for simplicity.

In the case of dithering at the montage level (one below the master section) I was puzzled at first when I checked the “Monitor 16 bit” function and was getting quantization noise. Using the bit meter I see that its working correctly. It appears that its just not part of the software to incorporate dither prior to the master section into the monitor 16 bit function.

“Monitor 16 bit” is a function to remove 8 bits of resolution, to make more audible the quantization noise or/and dithering effect. This is not a dithering effect.

Hi Phillipe. Yes I know this, but since I have never used wave lab for anything but cd authoring, doing all othe audio processing in another DAW, I’d not used the montage level plugins. And I just wanted to make sure I was getting the correct results doing dither there so I wouldn’t have any surprises and it threw me for a short loop trying to figure out why this tool wasn’t showing the effects of dither on the quantization noise when the plug in wasn’t in the master section. All good.


It appears that its just not part of the software to incorporate dither prior to the master section into the monitor 16 bit function.

Please explain above sentence I don’t follow !?

regards S-EH

Wavelab has the super cool function in the master section of boosting the low level signal by 48db (it does this by cleverly turning off the lowest 8 bits). This feature allows you to clearly hear what the dither you’ve chosen to use sounds like and how it is dealing with altering/masking the quantization noise when converting 24 bit to 16 bit. I think it’s a super neat feature.

If you already know all of that and were asking about my wording specifically: The “monitor 16 bit” function in the master section works as it’s supposed to as long as your dither plugin is instantiated in the master plugin window. If the dither plugin is activated on the montage, track, or clip level, then the “monitor 16 bit” function no longer allows you to hear how your dither plugin affects the bit reduction.

Hopefully that is clear.


Yes clear, thanks !

regards S-EH