Is it possible to save VST connections as default?


every time I open C8 (or C6) I have to choose the right VST connections preset (in and outputs).
Is it possible to save VST connections as default so I dont have to select the right one every time I startup?

+1. I can’t get VST Connections to stay either


It would also be great if VST connections were linked to track presets as well.

I too constantly have to keep changing my inputs, outputs & control room settings via VST connections. I think since C7, VST connections are now stored per song as opposed to globally. I find it annoying and I’m not sure why we would need to change these settings from song to song :question: :confused:

Maybe I’m missing something :question:

Save an empty template with just the VST connections set up the way you want them.

Every time I start a new project I use that template and it works for me.

Hi misohoza,
Yep, that’s fine going forward but opening older projects (as I often do) results in having to set up the connections again :unamused: . I’m not saying that there’s no way around it…just that I find it annoying & can’t see why the change was made. Maybe give us the choice to set the connections globally

Used to be a hassle in 7.xx but since creating templates to start from there’s been no issue here

Anyone jump between 32 & 64-bit versions of projects?

Every time I do, I have to reassign the outputs :0/

As of 8 I can’t load a saved connections setup. I can save one ok, but if you then try and load it, it doesn’t appear in the list of saved connections. I posted an Issue thread about this a while ago

The settings are remembered if you save them into a template as mentioned above - thats always been the case. But it’s a pain working with a session started on another setup with this broken.

+4 Will not save my naming and goes back to its default which I had deleted. MR816CSX hardware control recognition is intermittent, also.



+1 (now it’s called Audio Connections in Cubase 10).

Yes, it’s possible to create an own template and that’ll have the Audio Connections I set. But, all the ready made templates have default Audio Connections and I can’t change the default. And the defaults are wrong for me. For many default templates there are .cpr files which I could probably update. But the Empty template doesn’t have a .cpr file so it seems the Audio Connections for that can’t be set anywhere?

Just take the stock Template(s) you want to use. Set the Audio Connections as appropriate. Save this as your own Template & use this to start Empty Projects (or whatever the Template was for).

The Templates that come with Cubase are meant to used as starting points to be customized for each individual’s unique needs. The intention is that you then use these new Templates, customized for your needs, to start Projects. The stock Templates are not meant to be starting points for Projects, they are meant to be the starting point to make Templates that you can then use to start Projects.

In Cubase the Audio Connections configuration is saved at the Project level not the Program level (i.e. there is no “default” configuration for your installation of Cubase). This lets you use different Audio Connection configs for different Projects and even Templates. I have about a half-dozen different Audio Connection Presets I use for Inputs. Template A might use a Connection Preset that is totally different from what Template B uses.

@Martin explains how to save VST connections as default at this link.

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