Is it possible to score/hear a drumset with more than two crash cymbals?

I’m trying to set up a Percussion Map for a drumset with several cymbals. In addition, I’d like to trigger the sounds for these in a drum set VST like EZ Drummer. I’m running into the limit for two crash cymbals and wondering if there is a way to add more.

Screenshot of EZ Drummers ‘Main Room’ kit with 4x crashes and 1x ride, which is one of the most simple kits they have.

Screenshot of EZ Drummers ‘Drumkit from Hell’ kit with 3x crashes, 3x rides, 3x splashes, 2x chinas, which is a dense, but standard metal kit.


Screenshot of Percussion Map with maximum (2) crash cymbals.


When trying to add more, there are only two listed. If two is the limit, it would be great if Dorico could add several more for Crashes at least two for Chinas & Splashes.

Presumably, when Dorico adds the ability to creates one’s own instruments, this need will be met. Let us hope this capability is not too far away.

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The best you can probably do at the moment is to repurpose another percussion instrument and rename it. Provided you use the same instrument in your kit and in your percussion map, you can still set up the relationship between the instrument in the kit and the MIDI note required to trigger your sounds.

But yes, clearly we need to add more cymbals to Dorico’s presets, and we’ll do this in future.