Is it possible to scroll forward and backward in the Score editor?

In my key editor I am able to scroll horizontally by using shift and my mouse wheel. I use this a lot but it doesn’t work in the score editor. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you!


Are you in the Page mode of the Score Editor?

It is possible using the numeric keypad symbols minus (-) and plus (+)
I you hold ctrl or shift with the symbols you get a step scroll and a fast scroll

Hi Martin. No. In page mode wouldn’t you more likely scroll up and down instead of left and right.?

In the Score editor the concept of scrolling is different than elsewhere in Cubase, since it’s notation, and not simply a linear timeline.

Using the the commands Transport – Nudge +1 Bar and Nudge -1 Bar is a very efficient way to do it, and all the other transport and marker navigation commands work in the Score Editor too, of course.