Is it possible to search for clips that 1) have real-time processing and 2) time stretch?

(Translated from French:) Is it possible to search for clips that 1) have real-time processing and 2) time stretch (in order to list or identify them)? I want to freeze (make permanent) everything to save CPU. But there are a lot of clips being processed in my session. For the moment, the library displays the files that are being processed in real time, but that’s all. Otherwise, I have to look for the symbols that identify the various processes throughout the session. It’s a bit time-consuming…

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time and never found anything.
If these events had a certain color, you could process or certainly freeze each event with color x with the logical editor. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to find events with a specific process attached.

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Not behind my computer but doesn’t the pool window have a way to show these symbols and sort the files?

Good idea, the colors (or a shade), but an identificationd in the library, with the possibility of freezing, would be best, I think. Or a button in the track header that would freeze any processed clip (and that sort of thing).

I can’t see.

Am checking now. Time stretch AND other realtime processes (stereo delay in my case as an example) are visible, see the status column (red icon).
Do you typically click ‘create new version’ when you time stretch? Maybe that is prerequisite?

I don’t have my Nuendo (I have to reinstall my entire system, as Windows was suddenly no longer visible yesterday: days of fun!), but the red icons, to my recollection, identified real-time processing, but not anything else, or at least not time strech. Are you quite sure?

What do you mean by real-time processing? Time stretch Process is a ‘Direct Offline Processing’ - feature just like ‘Plug-ins’ delay or an eq, unless i’m mistaken.
I see both red icons on these processed files. They are not ‘made permanent’ btw. If i do that a new file is created without the icon.
So i’m curious to hear from you or others if we are talking about different things.

I don’t know what to say. My stretched clips don’t appear in the library with this symbol. Only treatments such as enveloping or effects on the clip (other than stretching).