Is it possible to see the direct routing of a channel in the project window?

Is it possible to see the direct routing of a channel in the project window?

Seems to me it would be useful, cant seem to find a way


Sure can. Open the gear icon at the bottom of the Inspector and put a check next to Direct Routing.

Not seeing “direct routing” In Instrument track Inspector Settings. Funny I think I saw it before and do remember it from previous stuff.My focus is on an instrument track.

Hej ZeroZero
If it’s an Instrument Track - then you need to open up the Instrument “column” inside the Inspector and then you’ll see a new gear icon where you select all the Audio stuff for the VST Instrument -

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Yes. But that does seem to be overly complicated when you think about it. While the available Inspector items will need to vary between different Track types a single gear-setup should include them all independent of if they are on the MIDI or Audio side. ZeroZero is an experienced user and if they are having a problem finding it, that kind of implies it is a bad GUI design choice.

I am not sure what you mean by an instrument column, but if I do understand you. I am in the inspector for an instrument track, on the bit where there is panning and volume control, go to the gear icon and no option is there. Even in set up.

Have i made myself clear raino? Are we talking of the same thing?

Repro: Create a new instrument track perhaps with Kontakt. Go to inspector, open the first entry, the one with the mute and solo button in it. See the gear icon. Open the gear Icon go to the “Set up” panel, examine both sides. No entry with the term routing on either side.

I made this gif showing the 2 different ‘gears’

Thank you Raino - I understood it now. I have now got two “gears”. I got it working. I am a bit rusty. Have not done much since 2016. It puzzles me why you would need a (horizontal) “instrument” tab on an instrument track. So I got rid of it.
There is probably a Steinberg reason!

Anyway thank you. Now I am trying to get the MIDI fader to always show, in every instrument track, in the inspector, never close.

I agree with this.

In an aspirational world, I’d like to see a floating window for Direct Routing that showed at a glance the ‘Matrix’ of all affected channels. Sort of a ‘virtual patch bay’, as one sees with modular synthesisers.

If it were more visually obvious, I would use Direct Routing a LOT more. Same with Linked Channels and VCAs. They’re not as ‘obvious’ as I would like.