Is it possible to sell my UR824 with his Cubase LE?

Nothing wrong with my UR824, is just that maybe (mayyyyyybeee) I will need to move to another country (where is easier to get Steinberg/Yamaha -or any- hardware and software)

So I’m seeing what can I sell to not pay for the extra weight.

My UR824 with focusrite oktopre MKII are choices, but sell them without Cubase for the monitor integration decreases their value.

I got both registered in mySteinberg account, so is it possible?



Yes, it is possible for you to sell your UR824 hardware device. The new user will be able to download and reactivate the Cubase AI OEM software that comes bundled with it, using their MySteinberg account online.

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply Joshua!