Is it possible to send MIDI events (e.g. CC) to insert effects?


I can’t find this in the docs so guessing it is not supported, but wanted to check:

Is it possible to send MIDI events (e.g. Control Change) to insert effects, rather than the VST instruments that the inserts are on?

One example would be engaging or disengaging a stomp box. Another would be changing the state of a Wah or Volume Pedal.

Is this supported? If not, any workarounds?


It’s not possible at the moment, no. I’m not aware of any workarounds that could make this possible, but there are many people cleverer and more ingenious than me here on the forum!

Thanks, Daniel. Is this something that Dorico might support in the future, or not the right use-case?

Certainly Mixer automation is something we do plan to add in the future, but it’s not a small task.

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