Is it possible to set a default midi i/o for generic remote?

Every time I start Nuendo I need to manually reassign the midi connections.
Any workaround?


Are you using any virtual MIDI port(s)?

Touch OSC


Hmmm, this is also a virtual MIDI Port (the server on the computer side).

Could you try to switch the Touch OSC Off, and start Nuendo few times, if the MIDI Port settings is kept in this case, please?

Spot on Sir!

Only the virtual driver gets lost, a hardware driver is remembered correctly.

So it needs a fix from Steinberg.


OK, then this is the same issue, I have with some other virtual MIDI Port Devices. The issue is not on Steinberg side, but on the 3rd party vendor side. For some reason (unknown to me), they always provide unique ID of the MIDI Port to Cubase. So from Cubase point of view, it looks, this is another, new MIDI Port.

Some other vendors can do it the proper way, and Cuabse remembers the MIDI Port…

Aah, thanks. I’ll write an email to the developer and see if he reacts.