Is it possible to Show/Hide Horizontally Project within Locators position


Is that possible to have Cubase only show a range of the project say from measure 9 to 17? What I like to do is when I have my locators ( or range) set to 9 and 17 by a macro or a KC hide bars before 9 and after 17.

Any help would be appreciated.

Look in your Keyboard Commands list. There is one called Zoom to Locators. Assign a key combination to it, if it’s not already got one.

Thank you. I have it set to ctrl-z and option-s for zoom to locators and zoom to selection respectively.

Say, I have a version from bar 9 to 17, I really wanted to completely hide the event outside the locators/regions to focus on specific region. When I zoom in or out again, it shows the other parts. What if I want to change locators to focus on smaller portion say a build up from bar 12 to 13.

I tried setting project start, offset and length in Project setup, it does not work always. I guess I have to live with what I have.

You might also take a look at the Zoom MEM and Zoom Zap Key Commands.

MEM takes the current Zoom and saves it to memory. If you later change the Zoom to something else Zap will let you toggle between the 2 different Zoom settings.

Thank you Raino. I am aware of the mem and zap zooms and use them. If I am not mistaken that is more useful when mixing (as in the NUAGE consoles). Not exactly what I want.

What I want is like I create a new project and import all the tracks with all its settings and events from bar 8 to 17 into this track.
Maybe, I should cut all the tracks at bar 17 and move it to a distant measure :slight_smile:

Not sure, if deserves to be a new feature for a future cubase version!