Is it possible to slice audio then play via midi in H4?

I have a loop I want to slice into a few parts and then play this via midi , is this possible in H4?

anyone know?

Unfortunately Halion 4 does not have slicing capabilities like Kontakt, Mach etc have. It will accept already sliced files, but it cannot do it itself. This has already been brought up as a feature request and hopefully in the future we will see such functionality added into Halion 4.

Yes this should be a feature without a doubt.I can’t believe it’s not implemented by now

You can always slice the loop in cubase and then import the slices to halion.

Although I would like a slice feature as well

I don’t use cubase. I’m looking for my sampler to have these basic features. not my daw.

Sorry my bad. I thought you used cubase.

Is this planned at all in H4? I really need to be able to slice in my sampler. Maybe I should just consider halion dev’s do not want this method?

I cannot say for sure, but considering all the competition has such a feature, I am sure it will be incorporated, but I bet not in Halion 4. Steinberg next to never release versions after x.5.x once all bugs are fixed. I feel the next release, V5 will have such a feature and probably others too.