Is it possible to toggle a Generic Remote on/off with a key command?

I would like to be able to toggle a Generic Remote on and off via a key command so it is only sending data when I want it to. Is that possible?

Have you tried making a new page that does nothing in the generic remote?

More precisely the new page would only have one active command - to return to the regular page with all kinds of commands enabled.

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So think I figured out what you mean by “new page” and I made a blank one with no slots/actions.

I do not understand however how to toggle between the two “pages” with a key command. Under key commands I can only find the Generic Remotes I have programmed, but nothing referring to the “pages” I have named.

The key commands dedicated to Generic Remote definitions only toggles the window display of a given one, allowing at a second stage the selection of a page among the different ones previously defined in the drop down box.

IOW, they do not toggle a given Generic Remote definition to an active/inactive state. What indeed would be useful is a key command to toggle the MIDI Input to <MIDI port defined>/Not connected. A thing that I hope will be taken into account during the new API development…

I don’t think it’s possible via key command, but it is possible via the generic remote

On the first page configure one of your buttons to execute
Command > Remote > Page 2

And on the second page, configure the same button to execute
Command > Remote > Page 1

If you set this up right on your controller to send a trigger rather than a toggle, this should work.