Is it possible to "Turn On" the cross-send function in FX channel?

The Cross-Send here means in Send from the Left Delay Channel to the Right Delay Channel, and then Send from the Right Delay Channel to the Left Delay Channel. This the basic principle of PingPong Delay.

This feature has been blocked by default setting. It might be because that this feature will cause looping feedback. My question is whether it is possible to turn this feature on?

In pro tools, this Cross-Send feature is available.

You mean the sends of the return channels of the delay?

Yes Sir

This is what is expected to do:

  • Add two mono aux tracks.

Pan one left and the other right.

Add an eighth-note delay on each aux track.

Add an input to each aux track, naming one Eighth L and the other Eighth R.

Add a send on the vocal to the Eighth L and turn up the send to -14.

Add a send on the aux track Left to Eighth R and turn up that send to -14.

Add a send on the aux track Right sending it back to Eighth L and set to -14.

Bounce an MP3 and post with comments.

No you canĀ“t do that in Cubase.