Is it possible to undo accidental group track volume point and drag error?

Tried to adjust an audio part below group track. Accidentally grabbed group track volume, created a dot and dragged it down. Undo function doesn’t undo this move. I don’t remember what it was, definitely not zero. Now I have to mix that part again and waste time.

I asked this in 2020. Asking again. Has this not been fixed still?

You should try to open a backup version of the project to see what the setting was

Try the MixConsole undohistory…

That is weird because Cubase will create Undo steps for changing volume automation on a group channel.

No it doesn’t appear there. It can undo “further” automation points, but not the 1st one.

For example, choose any track (group or effect) that has no automation for volume (grey line). Put a dot on it and drag it up or down. Click undo. The dot will disappear but the level will stay where you dragged it to.

Thanks for being more specific.
That, indeed, is a flaw in the program.

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Didn’t know that. That’s not ideal.

Tell you a quick way to solve your predicament though, and I’ve used this many times… Listen again and adjust to taste using your ears. You’ll get to where you were before.

Of course. But sometimes it takes a while to get it perfect, and it’s a wasted time. Shouldn’t be like that.