Is it possible to upgrade from student's license to non-student

I’m currently using Dorico on a license bought with a student’s discount. While I’ll probably will keep on with my studies for at least another year I will sooner or later reach a point where I’m not eligible for the student’s discounts anymore which got me wondering, how will it work if I want to upgrade my license from a student’s one to a regular one? I’m thinking for example since 2.0 will be a paid upgrade, will someone with a student’s license be able to buy the upgrade at full price and then also get a “regular” license or will that not work? I’m fairly ceratin I will keep on using Dorico for a long time so I’m curious to what my future upgrade opportunities will be.

When you upgrade Dorico to the next paid version, your Educational license will automatically become a commercial license.

There’s no special upgrade pricing for Educational licenses, everyone pays the same and receives the same commercial license.