Is it possible to upgrade to Nuendo 7 any more?

I’ve been using 5.5 at home for aaaages as I’ve not really been working from home on commercial stuff for a while.

Could do with some new features, but need the old offline processing method. DOP in Cubase at least for me makes Cubase 9.5 unusable.

Is it possible to upgrade to 7 still?

You could probably upgrade to v8 and then get the v7 installer and run that instead.

Hello JezCorbett,

what MattiasNYC said. There is no update path available anymore to Nuendo 7. It’s now Nuendo 8.


(Sorry, didn’t get any notifications of replies to this so sorry for my late reply)

If I get the Nuendo 8 update, will I be able to install and run Nuendo 7?

Yes. The authorization is retroactive. You’ll just have to get the N7 download… can’t give you the specifics, but there are others here who can!