Is it possible to use a MIDI keyboard when controlling Cubase remotely (Remote Desktop connection)


I’m using Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 10 to work on Cubase projects at my work from my home. I’ve managed to get audio playback, but Cubase does not recognize the MIDI controllers at my home (I guess because the Cubase project that I’m using is at my work?). Does anyone know if there is anyway around this?

Thank you

No. The controller has to be connected to the machine the software is running on.

The only other solution would be Bluetooth MIDI, but that would require you to be in the same room as the machine you’re RDC’ing into… which doesn’t make much sense. You can just use a Remote Monitor Connection (any relatively recent Smart TV does this as a stock feature) with a Wireless KB/Mouse and a long USB Cable for the controller in that situation.

There are also IP midi interfaces such as rtpMIDI


I wonder what the Latency would be like for that. I might try it to see when I get some free time.

There are tools that make midi and/or audio connections over a network. So connect the MIDI hardware controller to the local computer that you’re working on, and have software on the local and on the remote machine that connects the MIDI between the machines.

I think one of the tools that can create such networked connections is Blue Cat’s Connector, but there may be other options.

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Thanks for the responses. I will check those out and write back if they work.

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