Is it possible to use a Steinberg MR816X in conjunction with a Tascam DM4800?

Hey everyone. I’m planning on picking up a DM4800 and IF/FW DM mkii card in the coming months to use as my main control surface/interface/everything really.

I currently use a lone MR816X running into my iMac for all recording and monitoring duties. I plan on keeping it for mobile projects, and I have enjoyed the preamps and converters. The DM4800 is more of a workhorse, not known for having especially nice converters and pres. I was curious as to whether or not I would be able to use the MR816 as an external preamp/converter via ADAT on the back of the DM4800… Would this allow me to say, route the 8 preamps from the MR816 into the DM4800 via ADAT if I chose to use them alongside the 24 firewire channels on the DM4800, for a total of 32 inputs?

Another consideration would be choosing between the MR816 and IF/FW card as my converter for monitoring, depending on which one sounded better. Can the DM4800 be summed and send the master bus via 2 channels ADAT into the MR816? Rough circuit diagram:


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody.

You can set up the MR816 to be an 8in 8out adat unit. I’ve been using mine like that for years with an RME hdsp 9652. Once you set it up it should retain those settings. I haven’t had it hooked up to FireWire in years. The plus is you can still use the inserts on channels 1 and 2.