Is it possible to use a UR242 and a UR24C at the same time?

I on the latest Windows 10 build and using Cubase 12.0.3.
I have been using a UR242 for a long time and it works great. I just purchased a UR24C and am wondering if anyone has ever used both at the same time or if there are any issues that cause crashes?
Does anyone know if there are compatibility issues trying to run both at the same time?
If I install the UR24C will it break the UR242 drivers and utilities?

In Cubase you only can choose 1 Asiodriver, so only 1 interface.

Thank you for the reply. So I assume I can install both devices and related software without one or the other not working. Can you confirm?

Only 1 soundcard (UR242 OR UR24C) will work at the same time. This is typical for Windows. If you want to increase the number of analog inputs, you need to use interfaces that interconnect with ADAT or similar stuff. (Like UR816C or similar )
You will find info about using ASIO4ALL and a workaround to ‘combine’ your both audio interfaces, but it seems to be ‘unstable’.

Yes, I have a second Firewire 12 channel Mixer-Interface that I still use for recordings. But I can use either that one in CUbase or the UR816C, not both at the same time. On my UIR816C I have a ADAT connected so I have 16 inputs,