Is it possible to use midi effect like Xfer Cthulthu

I like VST Live, it has great potential.
My question is:
Can i use 3d party midi effects like Xfer Cthulthu to trigger another layer? If yes, how to connect it?
I read manual, but didn’t find how it is possible.

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… I see. the Xfer Cthulthu has an MIDI-Out option and you want to send the midi events to another Layer. This is only working for VST3. But we’ll add it to VST2, too. I’ve added it to the Feature List.

See you,

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Thanks for the info! Nice to hear that it will be added.
It would be great to have some tips how to create such connection even with VST3 midi effects.

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There is no way to make work with VST3 either, I tried with Scaler 2.5, no way to route a layer to another layer or a track to another track.
Another thing I can´t make it work is to drag a pattern to a track. I.e I try to drag an Ezdrummer 3 pattern from within the plugin to a track, previously I had to create the midi track and assign the instrument, then something is dragged but it´s not the right pattern not even at the correct tempo.
These are basic things…

route…you mean MIDI?
Drag MIDI, we’ll check, thanks.

yes routing too, I mean sending Scaler or any arpeggiator to an instrument.

Hi @diegoalejo15,

I am sorry. The current release does not support it for VST3 either.

… we are tying to get it added to 1.0.30 (VST2/3). But I cannot promise it.

See you

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