Is it possible to use my IR library on REVrence?

I have my good and huge library of IRs. I can’t find a proper way to use it on REVerence.
How can I do so?

Aloha d,

Not having that prob here.

For me I just:

1-Open Reverence.
2-Hit the ‘Import’ button.
3-Navigate to the location of the 'IR’s.
4-Select an IR.
5-Hit ‘Open’ and bob’s yer uncle.

Good Luck!

Yes, works the same here no problems, except I don’t have an uncle Bob. :open_mouth:

This only write when Importing one file at a time. I want all the IRs to be recognized with the pictures.
Some of the IRs cannot be recognized cause they belong to Altiverb.

I use Sir1 PlugIn (freeware) for listen impulses. In REVerence you could open only one impulse at once and this is a really showstopper for me. In Sir you have all files in a list (from a complete folder) and you can step through your files and listen. If you have found your sound, you can import it in REVerence or other Impulse reverb. I use WizzooVerb … the best Reverb Plugin (o:

Would love to be able to batch open/save presets with REVrence. Opening one at a time is cumbersome.

Altiverb IRs are saved in a proprietary file format to make sure they are not used without Altiverb.

I remember WizooVerb - it stopped working properly (W5 version) around N4 release with a workaround (use in a 5.0 config). Unless I am wrong though there is no Win 7 64 version.
SIR2 is worth getting because you can build up stereo or even true stereo sets from separate IR WAV files. I wish this were possible in REVerence - would be a killer feature (along with an expanding IR library of course).

@drorh4 - you cannot open AltiVerb IR in any other plugin, likewise Waves IR-1 & IR-360 files.