is it possible to use on/off(latch) knobs in Quick Controls?

Hi, I wanted to do the following: to assign a single switch on my midi controller to several plugin parameters at once (which have only 2 states: on and off). The plugin itself didn’t let me do multiple assignments of one physical controller switch to different parameters via midi learn. So I thought I could do this by using the quick controls. I can do ‘learn’ in device setup - quick controls, when I hit the switch on my controller the assignment is learned. Then I open the quick controls list in the inspector on the midi track that I have routed to the fx plugin, and I select the first of the parameters that I would like to control from the list. Then I hit ‘learn’ and I hit the switch on my controller that I previously had assigned in the device setup - quick controls window. But nothing happens… I am a bit disappointed by this… The switch on my midi controller is set to send out a controller change, with min value 0 and max 127 and it is set to latch, which should be correct imo. In the quick controls setup in device setup I have also selected ‘controller change’. What am I doing wrong?

edit: I also tried to get the setup done via the generic remote setup: still no joy! apparently it is impossible to assign multiple commands to a single button :s Why?

The essence is that I want to switch several parameters on a plugin on/off with one push of a button. Anybody?

bump… does anybody have a suggestion on how to make this work?

unfortunately not possible natively in cubase. found a workaround but it’s too convoluted. see

funny thing is, it wasn’t even possible with novation automap last time i checked, which could have been a good selling point for the product.

really easy with ableton or fl studio natively…

A lot of us want to do stuff like this.
It really seems SO simple.

yes, but please appreciate sb are keeping it real and oldschool, you don’t get that 90’s ponytailed street-cred just anywhere! the way backwards is the new way forward!

Hm, the flexibility in assignment of external controllers is one of Cubase’s biggest flaws imo… If only they could get this right, it would be a near perfect software for me.

yes, tis a little troglodyte this one.