Is it possible to use Rozeta LFO with Cubasis built-in instruments?

Cubasis 3.5.1
iPadOS 16.5.1

Specifically, Rozeta LFO uses CC 13, CC 15, and CC 17 to connect its 3 LFOs to a MIDI instrument. Where I can set such CCs in the built-in instruments, such as the Acoustic Piano and the Analog Keyboard in Cubasis?

The Analog Keyboard even uses Oscillators but I can’t find how I can use Rozeta LFO to automatically trigger them.


Hi @Johne1,

The available MIDI CC parameter and options are described in the Editors chapter of the Cubasis help:


Thank you, Lars. That is indeed the answer. There is no way to automate the X and Y note motion via Rozeta LFO or any Rozeta Sequencer, or any other third-party plug-in, according to the Editors chapter of the Cubasis help.

“ * Aftertouch, program change and other CC parameters can be useful for third-party plug-ins and MIDI output, but are ignored by Cubasis’ internal instruments.