is it possible to use the fxpacks as iaa-fx outside cubasis?


Hi Voodoo,

Thanks for your message.
The effects included in both FX Packs can be used within Cubasis only.


to bad :wink:

Actually, although you can’t use Cubasis as IAA-FX, you can achieve something similar although with limitations. With AUM you could for instance do like this:

  1. In AUM, setup one channel with some audio input of choice and as output use one of the four IAA outputs
  2. In AUM, set up another channel with Cubasis as IAA input and some output of choice
  3. In Cubasis create an audio track taking input from the IAA generator of choice
  4. Add any effect of choice to this track

You can do this with up to four inputs, but on the Cubasis output they will all be mixed. Possibly something simiar could be done with Audiobus…

Yes, i had tested this some time ago. And while it works, its to much overhead.
I want the fx in audiobus directly to loopy and/or audioshare.