Is it possible to work only one event from a folder?

I have a instrument recorded with multiple mics (or tracks) grouped inside a folder.
Two of those multiple mics have some background noise that I wish to clean up with SpectraLayers. So, I only need load the ARA extension on those tracks.
Because tracks are grouped in a folder, if I click one event all stacked events get selected, and if load the ARA from the right click context menu, all events get loaded with the ARA.
I found that it’s possible to load the ARA from the track inspector, this way all events within that track get the ARA loaded.

Now, the only way I found to open the ARA window from one event is by double clicking, which opens simultaneously the Sample Editor and the ARA window. A bit annoying IMO. (I didn’t find any setting to turn off the sample editor).

I always feel unsafe that I’m gonna do some mistake because I didn’t pay attention to some detail in the workflow.
And again I don’t feel safe to turn off temporarily the track grouping.
My question is how to guys approach your workflow in a similar case?

I didn’t any modifiers as well.

Thank you!


You can simply click the shortcut K, it is Group Editing Active/De-active. There is also an icon which turns to orange when Group Editing is active.
This function is not active by default, I think you did press K once by accident.


To visualize it: The little = icon

Thanks for the replies. I’m aware of that.
My question is more towards: can I work on one event/track without turning off track grouping?As in the example described before (noise cleanup).
Well, perhaps I can turn off grouping temporarily and lock events in position + size.
I add annoying errors with track grouping before, that’s why I’m always sceptic of turning it off and on all the time.

IMO grouping tracks means that the content is sensitive to each other in time/phase, position and size. And that relation shouldn’t be switched off because one track needs noise cleanup with spectralayers. Is this logic?

Did you add any similar experience?