Is it possible touse Quick Controls with Kontakt Instruments/C12?

Hi I am trying to get quick controls working. I have not had a friendly relationship with them

When I load, for example Olympus (full) choirs, I look at the quick controls in the Inspector and they all say N/A and will not select. Nor can I find the knobs in the panel hosting Kontakt 7.

Is this impossible?

thank you

In Kontakt 7 press the QC button up in the right corner.

Does not work


This gives a list of thousands of controllers under “Olympus” many with numbers for names and many seemingly duplicated. Overwhelmingly confusing

I doubt that you dont have a keyboard. If you dont you have to set it up yourself.

If you have a keyboard you can just right click the button/fader/ etc in the VSTI that you want to control and choose Learn Midi CC bla bla bla and wiggle/press something on your keyboard and its bound.