Is it possible??

Hello masters of software.

I’v enabled the controlroom in cubase 7.5 to enable the listen function and all is well. But now i want more.

the thing is:

I got 2 set of speakers and a sub.
I would like to output these on different channels (and not use the subs output)
by doing so i can get i volume butten for every speaker, especially the sub which is located on the back.

I havent found a way to listen to both sets of speaker at the same time in controlroom (only when routing it in totamix) and i’m not keen on doing so either but if this is possible i would like to control the crosspoint frequency, so that the bass is not played both from the sub and the active set of speakers.

Is it possible to control fx a 0-50hz to the sub only and at the same time playing <50hz from the main speakers??

Therby making a controllerble crosspoint (think it’s called)

Kind reagards.


Hm, i am not sure what you want to do, so here is what I think I understood:

You have 2 Stereo-Pairs of Speakers.
You have 1 Subwoofer

You want to Output a Stereo Signal alternating between stereopair 1+sub and stereopair 2+sub

You want to control the volume of the Sub and the stereopairs separately.


Cheers, Ernst