Is it safe to change things after starting a render?

I’m doing a project with a lot of tedious renders.
Once I have my first song ready to go and start the render, is it ok to mute the track that it’s on and unmute another track, as well as change the region marker location?

For this process, I never would want to touch the master section plugins, it’s just rendering various versions of the same song each placed on their own track.

I was always curious if i should not touch anything until the render is done, or if I can make some edits and cue up the next render…

This would be regarding using the audio montage only, not it basic edit mode.

You can make changes during rendering, without affecting the rendering, because WaveLab makes a copy before rendering (the copy is rendered).

That is what I thought, but then I came across a file with a random dropout and got concerned.
Thanks for your confirmation.