Is it safe to install Win7 Service Pack 1 ?

Does anyone tried Win7 SP1 with Cubase/Nuendo ?
Is it safe to install SP1 ?
Any issue or incompatibility ?

All comments are welcome.


Works for me (W7 Home 64-bit with Cubase5 essential 32-bit.)

Fine here, one thing i did notice was that there was an optional update to be installed for Win 7 64 bit before SP1
that protects 32 bit programs running during the SP1 update process.
I had to manually choose it and install it, there was no prompting.
Everything went according to plan, having installed regular monthly updates it worked out at about 88 mb of new stuff.

working well here on 2 machines.


No problems here, works.

Note that if you download the universal SP1 .iso image so you can manually update several machines, it expects about 10GB of free space, regardless of how much it actually will update. This is because it set a bit install footprint, but at least it cleans it up after itself.

Running ‘dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded /hidesp’ gave me 3GB more space.