Is it safe to remove Artist 8.5 after upgrade to Pro?

I am in the process of downloading my new Cubase 8.5 pro as an upgrade from Artist 8.5.
From the size of the download file, it appears the download is a full version.
If it appears there is a whole new set of Pro 8.5 program files installed, I am planning to identify and remove all remaining Artist-related files, registry entries, etc.

I would like to know if a Cubase Pro 8.5 update installation has ANY dependencies (files, registry entries, libraries, settings…) on the prior Artist installation.

Thank you.

You should be able to remove the Artist version with no detriment to the Pro version. Before deleting the Artist version, I would recommend to keep both for a bit just to make sure the Pro version is running smoothly.

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Thank you for your quick response. I thoroughly agree with your recommendation.

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As you have a license, You will always be able to redownload your cubase artist version

No. Once you have a valid Cubase Pro 8.5 license on your USB eLicenser, you can download the entire installation ISO (which oddly, no longer even fits on a DVD) and re-install from scratch, even on a new system.