Is it safe to update to 6.0.6?

I´m really worried to update to 6.0.6, since I don´t trust Steinberg very much. I´m in the middle of important project, so I don´t want anything to go wrong with my mixes. I´ve been reading lot about people losing their plugin settings etc… :confused:

The only reason I want to update is because 6.0.5 isn´t very stable. I keep crashing Cubase over and over. Not often, but enough to drive me crazy when losing lot of work. Just now I was mixing and I was in a roll, so I forgot to save for a long period of time (hate the autosave) and then Cubase crashed in the middle of nowhere and I lost a lot of work. Really drives me crazy to start all over again! :imp:

Is Pro Tools or other DAWs this unstable? Thinking seriously about swithing. What is it with Steinberg? Why can´t they make reliable software?

Never update/upgrade in the middle of an important project. Period.

I dear say that the majority of unstable and crash prone setups are caused by buggy drivers and/or hardware incompatibilities, or buggy 3rd party plugins.

No one can make 100% reliable software unless they have total control of what hardware it’s running on, and even then mistakes happens. (A certain fruit company comes to mind.)

What happened with Cubase saving the project when it crashes? Now it just crashes and doesn´t save anything. It use to save this “-01” file back in the day, right before it crashes.

I´m sick of losing work. Stability should be Steinberg´s number 1 priority, not some below average bloat soft synths. :imp:

Hi KBJRock -

Surely there must be some other agency at work here that isn’t to do with Cubase?

I know this doesn’t help your problem, but just to say that I’ve never had any kind of crash or lockup on C6.

If it was as inherently unstable as your experience would suggest, this forum would erupt!

6.0.5 was very stable for me … and 6.0.6 is no different. I even upgraded in the middle of 7 different projects, although I did wait until I had at least a few days without tracking sessions.



I’m pretty sure it is not Cubase, but something else on your system. Perhaps you could more details about the used plugins, hardware etc. You could also contact support.



Like I said it doesn´t happen too often, but few times is already too much, especially when losing work. It usually happens when I close the project, but of course then I´ve saved the project, so it´s fine. Still scary though and doesn´t give much the “certainty/reliability” feeling about Cubase.

Last time it crashed, I think it was because I did things “too fast”. Cubase didn´t keep up with me. I´m on OS X and I´ve heard Cubase is much slower on Macs? That could be it. I´m too fast for Cubase. Usually when I work I tend to click and do everything extra slow that it won´t crash. And it is working most of the time, but sometimes I get in a roll and I can´t help myself working faster and then it usually crashes. :neutral_face:

12-core Mac Pro, 16GB RAM, SSD OS drive, SSD audio drive
Symphony I/O with Symphony 64 PCI-E card
Bunch of plugins from Waves, DMG Audio, UAD, EW (Spaces), URS…

Or else posts would mysteriously disappear into the music lounge away from the prying eyes of potential customers, whereupon you’d be berated with +1’s from mindless devotees telling you it’s your fault, until you gave up & sought assistance on a more helpful forum.

For what its worth, 6.0.6 seems stable enough from my end.