...is it safe yet?

C7 has been out for a bit now - is it safe to upgrade from 6.5 on OSX?

Not sure about OSX (my preferred OS these days), but it’s working nicely on Windoze 7, which my music computer runs. There’s the odd glitch, but nothing to worry too much about. I’m currently working on a song with 80 tracks in it, on a six year old computer, and it’s coping - I am using track freeze a lot to handle the CPU load, but I haven’t noticed C7 being worse than C6.5, which was my worry in moving forward on an old computer.

It is time for an upgrade though, as my songs get more complex. :slight_smile:

I’d wait for at least another update then ask again!

It depends on if you have a “pro” type of workflow of if you just plan on creating music. If recording is your livelyhood: Don’t plan on using it until steiny calls an exterminator to kill the bugs. If you want to write one-off songs: Yes, there are some cool new features but I hope you don’t plan on using Variaudio; it’s half broken. If anything, install it to get used to it.

Upgrade anyway, would be great to have more Mac users testing the ASIO Guard technology.

I paid full price for Cubase - I am not a beta tester…!

Thanks for the replies all; I am not filled with confidence, and considering the hideous looking new mixer I think I’ll wait for things to settle down first and take a look at upgrading after a few more updates maybe.

This is the new mixer, all that will change is things will be refined.

It has multi-monitor support, always on top and is re-sizable so what more could anyone ask?

No…he is right. Hideous is the correct word to describe the new Mixer. Hopefully it will be refined soon.

I don’t spend much time in the mixer, so maybe I don’ have a full and complete comprehension around any anxiety experienced by those end users expressing dissatisfaction with the new MixConsole interface.

Nearly all of what I need is in the inspector, bar output routings of VST Instrument Tracks so for me I will be more looking toward improvements in this area but I have no doubt at all that SB will be able to please everyone over the longer term.

Aloha F,

Seems to be fine here.

Have not done a $$ project yet (next month)
but did a massive all day recording with about 20 musicians coming and
going and not one C7 crash.

My two Steinberg/Yamaha n12’s did have a couple of minor probs
(me thinks driver issues) but no show stoppers.

IMHO re:C7
If you turn on all the tube/tape stuff on all your strips,
you can make your studio sound like being back in 1976. :slight_smile:

Not that it is a bad thing. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


And if needed, C6.5 is still there and working fine.

what people expect first of all is a stable software that works without the additional mojo.
upgrade is not safe, simply said… C7 is full of bugs and runs very unreliable…
steinberg test phases of products are a joke… and so the result is unfinished software that will be adjusted over the month with several updates… they just needed the cash flow income soon to compensate costs… thats why they release this piece

Working fine here!

Windows 8, loads of VST3, a fair number of 2.4 and a few plugins lower than version 2.4, all working fine.
(Of course, everything that comes in 64-bit, is 64-bit. Still have a number of 32-bit only plugins.)

The one plugin that is having a bit of a performance increase on my system (though it PLAYS just fine, and it’s a great plugin emulator of Juno 106) compared to the others is the TAL-U-NO-LX (v2).

I like the fact I can partake in the testing of new products from a company who are arguably the leaders in DAW and multimedia software product development.

If there is a problem, you can always use a previous (finished) version as your license permits.

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Click on the user’s name
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It was safe on day one. Particularly as installing it doesn’t remove your previous version, and the file formats are the same.

I would definitely wait for two or three more updates. I can not get it to work at all so i’m still on 6.52.

You do get a lot of flames for reporting that something doesn’t work, so don’t bother saying anything on this forum if you run into problems. :unamused:

There was at least one supported update after 6.5.2 I believe.

You know, because…?

Less gradients (cleaner look, more like Nuendo 6’s channel Strip), intergration of custom VST’s (or chains) within the concept of the mixer GUI (modular system with device nesting), to name a few.

BTW mixer “Always on top” was already there for a long time.

What you say is patently untrue.
I call liar. I doubt you even own Cubase at all. Are you the tea boy at some studio perhaps?
No one is forced to buy the upgrade so if that many people were unhappy it would soon show in Steinberg’s bank accounts.
Fitz. I wouldn’t buy it yet as it would make you as unhappy with it after buying it than it appears at the moment.
If you have to ask “is it safe?” then you’ve made your mind up already.