Is it stable, then?

Anyone had a full session with 6 on Mac yet? Historically .0 releases have been shocking!

Shock and awe is more like it.

I’ve got it installed and had a bit of a tinker and so far so good, I’ve not attempted a proper session in it yet though. I’m until I’ve finished the projects I’m working on in 5.5 (fuck converting them to 6 then not being able to go back) as hopefully that’ll give some of the other guys here a chance to find all the bugs first haha.

I’ve just spent a few hours opening a couple of projects i started in C5 and it seems fine… did a few unfreezes and re freezes etc… messed about with extreme time stretching… all seemed perfectly happy and stable so far

I’ve had a few good sessions on it now and solid as a rock, I’d say go for :slight_smile:

To me C6 seems a little heavier on disk usage comparing to C5.5.
Tested with same project.
Running Yamaha MO8 (midiplayback)+NI MAschine (loops + midi) + Loopmash +running a few VSTi’s.

I can answer this for myself now. Very impressed. Not 1 crash after 3 or 4 heavy sessions. Steinberg really got their shizza together this time. Good work!

Only complex mix sessions here. No recording. …I’m in love with Cubase 6.