is it still broken in v10? deactivated track/expression

Can anyone confirm if this is still broken?

An example.
1.Make vsti tracks with expression maps.
2. Disable tracks
3. Export tracks as archive
4. Import tracks into new project
5. Expression maps are missing.


This has been fixed. The selected Expression Map is available in the track.

You can download Cubase 10.0.10 Trial, and try it yourself.

Thanks for confirmation Martin, much appreciated.

Such a shame and frustration that this was not fixed way back when it should have been.

But though I might find this fixed I might still find annoying things like ‘mediabay’ rescanning user presets at every startup as ridiculous as ever as well as other things.

I have to say, upgrading to get bug fixes still doesn’t sit right. These should be updates within a release version.


Steinberg has always released an update of an “old” version after the releasing a new version. So we could expect one more Cubase 9.5 update, I would say. There is a chance, this particular issue will be fixed in the last Cubase 9.5.(50?) update.

that’s the thing, this has been since V8 and I never bothered with V9 as I was tired of new versions with new bugs and breaking things!

Should have been fixed in V8!

They never did add the updated video engine to V8 either, empty promises.


Cubase 8 is not in the development anymore. So definitely it will not be fixed in Cubase 8.

I don’t know what kind of issue you had with video engine, but Cubase 9.5 and Cubase 10 is using own video engine, which is not based on Quick Time, as it was in past. So it might be, your issue has been solved.

I would recommend you to download Cubase 10 Trial.

Of course I realise this… Precisely the problem with Steinberg, it should have been fixed long before version 10! In version 8 it should have been fixed, obviously too late for that.


This is finally being re-evaluated. Both issues:

  1. Automatic re-scan of media bay every time Cubase starts
  2. Upon auto-scan, user folder boxes being automatically checked, when user wants the boxes to be left unchecked.

No guarantee anything will happen, but they definitely know the issue.