Is it still possible to buy Cubase 8-5?

I have an older Mac with Lion 10.7.5 and Cubase 6-5 on it - and apparently this Mac cannot have the latest operating system Sierra, because of its physical age, which means I can’t get Cubase 9. The most recent operating system I can upgrade it to is apparently El Capitan.
So does anybody know if Cubase 8-5 is still possible to obtain and if it is now definitely compatible to run on El Capitan (I’d heard there were problems with that at one point).

Thanks if anyone can advise.


No, you cannot purchase Cubase 8.5 already. The only way is to buy Cubase 9. Most probably Cubase 9 will also work with your Mac OS version, if it’s 64-bit system. It’s just not officially supported.

Btw in the worse case, you can run Cubase 8.5 (or older) with Cubase 9 license.